Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love, Time Travel, and a Lost Garden

I've been tinkering around with LÖVE some more and I'm impressed by how easy it is to get a simple 2D game running. My problem now is that I don't know what game to make. As a kid I was always coming up with ideas for the latest and greatest game. Now that I can actually make them, I can't seem to recall any of these ideas. I think I'm going to make some sort of game where you manage planets and go out into space exploring new ones. Since this is mostly just for test purposes anyway I'm not to worried if the game play is sub par. In the meantime I'll be trying to think of game ideas (feel free to comment on this post if you have recommendations!). I'll try to post the completed game here when I'm finished.

On a similar note I just got Buried in Time running on my Ubunutu laptop using SheepShaver. For those who never played any of the games in the Journeyman Project trilogy, Buried in Time was the second instalment in the series. It's probably one of the best games I've ever played despite being over 10 years old. The focus is on solving puzzles and exploring new worlds (via time travel). If I ever make a major video game I think I'd like to make something in the same genre. Also, if I were reading this blog right now I'd probably go over to ebay and buy a copy. I've seen Buried in Time on there for as little as $0.99.

One last thing. I'm pretty sure I discovered the greatest blog ever last night: Lost Garden. It contains free graphics and tons of articles about making computer games. I highly recommend that you go check it out!

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